Talking About Adolescent Vaccination

Featuring Dr. Noel T. Brewer, PhD

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Dr. Brewer is being compensated by Merck for participation in this video and his presentation has been reviewed in advance by Merck.

About Dr. Brewer

Dr. Brewer is a behavioral scientist and a professor at the University of North Carolina, Gillings School of Global Public Health.



Dr. Brewer is one of the leading health behavioral experts on effective communication for adolescent vaccines. His research explores doctor/patient engagement and behaviors related to vaccination. Announcement Approach training developed by Dr. Brewer and his colleagues focuses on guiding providers to effectively communicate about vaccination for adolescents.


Why to Use the Announcement Approach

Dr. Brewer highlights the reasons why he feels a provider recommendation is so important for adolescent vaccination uptake.

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What the Announcement Approach Sounds Like

Dr. Brewer breaks down the 4-part Announcement Approach for recommendations about adolescent vaccination.

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How to Have the Announcement Approach Conversation

Dr. Brewer guides providers in stating their recommendation, and in addressing parental concerns.

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